Nothing kills ecommerce conversion rates faster than customer hesitation. 75.6% of online shoppers worldwide abandon their shopping carts before checkout. AiDeal helps you tap into hesitant customers with personalized deals to trigger purchases in real time.
AiDeal can help you
Increase ROI
Trigger customer actions
Optimize your budget


AIQUA is a customer engagement platform that enables you to engage your audience based on their behavior inside and outside of your app or website environment. It helps you leverage AI to increase conversions across devices on marketing owned channels.
AIQUA can help you
Improve Conversions
Personalize, even for new visitors
Increase share of wallet
Improve conversions


AIXON is a data science platform that unifies and enriches existing customer data to help you better understand your audience and run AI models easily to predict their future actions.
AIXON can help you
Unify your data
Enrich Existing Data Using AI
Enrich existing data using AI
Predict Future Actions
Predict future actions

CrossX Advertising

Advertising Solutions deploy artificial intelligence algorithms to predict the ideal audience segments and the most cost-effective bidding price based on cross-screen user behavior, and deliver the best creatives that resonate your audience in real time.
CrossX Ad Solutions can help you
Find valuable users with high retention rates
Target High-Value Audience on Social
Re-engage high-value users on social
Expand Your Audience
Access state-of-the-art brand safety and fraud prevention features
Success Stories Reports