Do you need more traffic? More downloads? More revenue? More customers?
Our CrossX full-funnel advertising solutions help you achieve your goals every
step of the way.

AI-powered Advertising Solutions bring you optimal campaign performance at scale

  • App Installation and Retargeting

    Drive high-ROI installs at scale while maximizing app users' lifetime value through retargeting.

  • Intelligent audience solutions

    Exploit AI to find the best audience and reduce inefficiency and redundancy.

  • Branding

    Audience discovery via deep learning; brand safety and viewability powered by state-of-the-art AI.

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  • App Installation and Retargeting

    Bring your app high-ROI audience at scale while optimizing towards installation, purchase, retention and others. App retargeting powered by deep learning-based audience selection and AI-driven recommendations.

  • Intelligent Audience Solutions

    Exploit AI to simulate millions of possible audience segmentation schemes and select the most optimal configuration.

  • Branding

    Use deep learning to find and reach the audiences that love your brands, while using AI to automate the safe delivery of ads while maximizing viewability.

Success Stories

Optimize app installs to achieve a fourfold increase in conversion

Challenge Japanese marketplace minne wanted to drive app installs, while keeping the costs down by optimizing CPI with a cross-device approach.
Result Minne achieved a fourfold increase in app installs over the three-month campaign period, while the ROAS outperformed its existing campaigns on other platforms by 150%.