Aideal–En (wrong one)

Most Intelligent Promotional Marketing
Predict customer intent for precise targeting
Let advanced machine learning algorithms analyze customers’ onsite activities in real time, and select hesitant ones who are most likely to purchase with incentives.
Deliver customized offers to trigger customer actions
Take advantage of our ready-to-use templates and special countdown feature to customize limited-time offers that will drive customer desire to check out.
Instant integration with your website
AiDeal is easy to integrate with your website, allowing you to maximize promotional efforts and accelerate sales in a timely fashion.
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Why Do You Need AiDeal?
Online consumers’ shopping behavior
54% of consumers shop online instead of in-store because of the easy access to price comparison. However, the convenience to go back to online stores leads to more hesitant buyers or cart abandoners, because they can choose from other competitors.
The key to ensuring successful promotional marketing
Promotional marketing such as offering discounts and digital coupons can be an extremely effective way to influence purchase decisions, but the key is to target the right people who are most likely to engage with your offers and convert.

Key benefits of choosing AiDeal

Increase ROI
Never miss out on that potential revenue again by tapping into hesitant customers in real time.
Trigger customer actions
Send deals to drive indecisive customers to check out. No more unnecessary effort on immediate and window shoppers.
Optimize your budget
We only charge you when a customer has made a purchase after a promotion is delivered. So, no need to worry about wasting money on cart abandoners.

Success Stories

Pizza Hut
Urban Research Outlet
Golf Digest Online
Pizza Hut Taiwan used AiDeal to identify the target audiences who were hesitant shoppers with the highest potential to buy and highest transaction per customer (between US$16-32). The offer was to get a discount of US$1.6 if an order was completed within 30 minutes of receiving the coupon.
Urban Research Outlet (URO), an outlet-only e-commerce shop in Japan, used AiDeal to target customers who were likely to complete checkout with incentives (free shipping), and delivered customized coupons to them – the hesitant shoppers who purchased 3 times or less.
Golf Digest Online (GDO), Japan’s largest online golf shop, leveraged AiDeal to select visitors who had never purchased before and were likely to complete checkout with incentives.
Pizza Hut Taiwan increased its CVR by 15% and shortened transaction time by 20%.
URO increased CVRs by 142% through smartphones and 116% through PC. It also boosted revenue by 70%.
GDO successfully increased CVR by 100% and boosted the number of customers with new purchases by 19%. Howard Li Digital Operations Director of Jardine Food Services (Taiwan)