Trigger purchase decisions, shorten sales cycles

Pinpoint Customer Intent
Encourage Hesitant Shoppers

Segment customers based on real-time intent

Leverage advanced Machine Learning to crunch data on customers’ real-time activities across the site, such as how they tap and swipe on their phones, the cursor position and the amount of scrolling, to gain an accurate assessment of their likelihood to purchase.

So, you can identify and target hesitant customers likely to purchase with incentives at any given moment with confidence.

Predict Conversion Rates
With A/B Testing

Evaluate results in a fast, accurate and effective way

Machine Learning discovers hesitant customers who are likely to pull the trigger with deals, and predicts the potential conversion rates both with and without the application of AiDeal to ensure an uplift in profits.

We can create multiple tests to evaluate which campaign is the most effective way to deliver your expected results.

Deliver Customized Deals
to Trigger Purchases

Select ready-to-use templates with optimized UX

Choose various creative templates to customize your promotions with ease. Our top-notch UX design not only ensures your coupon pop-up grabs customers’ immediate attention, but also comes with a countdown feature to add a sense of urgency and drive customers’ desire to checkout with time-limited offers.

Set your goal, and let

close the deals for you

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