AiDeal uses AI to identify hesitant shoppers and offer them targeted,
limited time deals to drive purchases, significantly reducing cart
abandonment and increase sales.

Key benefits of choosing AiDeal

  • Increase ROI

    Never miss out on that potential revenue again by tapping into hesitant customers in real time.

  • Trigger customer actions

    Send deals to drive indecisive customers to check out. No more unnecessary effort on immediate and window shoppers.

  • Optimize your budget

    We only charge you when a customer has made a purchase after a promotion is delivered. So, no need to worry about wasting money on cart abandoners.

Select Features of

  • Pinpoint Customer Intent Inspire Hesitant Shoppers

    AI discovers hesitant customers through their mouse movements across the site and identifies the ones who are most likely to complete checkout with incentives.

  • Predict Conversion Rates With A/B Testing

    Predict conversion rates you could potentially achieve both with and without the application of AiDeal in a fast and accurate way, to ensure an uplift in profits.

  • Deliver Customized Deals to Trigger Purchases

    Our ready-to-use templates and top-notch UX design, such as a countdown feature that enables time-limited offers, will create urgency and drive customer desire to checkout.

Success Stories

Tap Into Hesitant Shoppers to Boost Online Outlet Revenue

Challenge Japan’s Urban Research Outlet (URO), an outlet-only ecommerce shop struggled to secure profits despite a high demand for its products. So, it wanted to increase web conversion rates
Result URO leveraged AiDeal to engage selected hesitant shoppers with coupons, and increased conversion rates by 142% through smartphones and 116% through PC. It also boosted revenue by 70%
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