AIQUA is a customer engagement platform that helps you leverage AI to increase conversions across devices on owned marketing channels.
AIQUA is a customer engagement platform that helps you leverage AI to increase conversions across devices on owned marketing channels.
The Key Benefits of AIQUA
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Improve CTR
and CVR
Bring your marketing campaigns to the next level by leveraging a variety of channels, creatives, features, and AI capabilities
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Streamline Marketing Operations
Execute and orchestrate your marketing operations holistically and automatically on one single platform
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Deliver Hyper-
Leverage AI to optimize user experiences and performance by providing personalized content and recommendations
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Customer Engagement Platform
Customer Engagement Platform
The Features of AIQUA
Multichannel Engagement
Reach your customers through multiple touchpoints with comprehensive channel management on one platform. Plan and execute campaigns across channels including web, app, email and messengers with minimal effort.
Predictive Recommendation
AIQUA’s state-of-the-art AI algorithms collect and analyze data and offer the best recommendation strategies for your business scenarios. AIQUA optimizes dimensions including product relevancy, diversity, and novelty to achieve stellar user experiences – instead of only offering top sellers, ‘viewed-also-viewed’, or ‘bought-also-bought’ products.
Customer Journey Automation
Engage your customers with real-time notifications triggered by their behavior along their user journey. Simply drag-and-drop to easily bridge gaps among key actions for conversion, and to orchestrate multiple channels and campaigns with AIQUA’s unique Journey Map feature.
Real-Time Hyper-Personalization
Serve new customers like old friends and engage them effortlessly by delivering hyper-personalized messages based on their external hidden interests and keywords. More predictive user attributes can be leveraged to enrich your data, such as predicting users who are likely to purchase or churn in the future.
Rich Creative Types
AIQUA provides a wide range of creative formats for you to use across channels. Experiment with carousels, videos, GIFs and more to deliver personalized images and text with dynamic creatives based on conditions that cater to your marketing scenarios.


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How It Works
Audience Data
Onboard your first-party data and AIQUA will further enrich audience profiles with external keywords and interests
Segment Users and Personalize Messages
Slice and dice your audience data with various conditions and provide personalized content and recommendations
Engage Audience Across
Multiple Channels
Execute your campaigns across channels such as web, app, email, SMS, instant messaging apps, etc.
How It Works
Success Stories: ZEE5
More than 1,500 leading brands partner with us to grow their business
With up to 50 million daily users, ZEE5 India wanted to understand audiences on an individual level to hyper-personalize its content delivery.
Appier helped ZEE5 streamline data sources and used AIQUA to ensure thoughtful and personalized customer engagement.
Significantly improved its customer engagement, including a 3X jump in CTR via effective use of AI to uncover critical insights into its viewers.
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