Proactive Customer Engagement Platform

AIQUA is a proactive customer engagement platform that enables you to engage your audience based on their behavior inside and outside of your app or web environment. It helps you leverage AI to increase conversions on marketing owned channels.

Audience Interests

Drive more effective engagement

Use advanced AI models to uncover topics your users are interested in outside your site or app. Tailor your message and deploy it on owned media for higher engagement and conversions.

Cross-Screen User Mapping

Engage users seamlessly on all devices

Appier's industry-leading cross screen database enables you to map your users across devices to build a unified audience view and select the best channel and screen to reach your audience via owned channels.

Unify Audience Data

Build stronger user profiles with existing and new data

Unify data from your own app and website, cross-device behaviors and external digital footprints all at once.

External digital footprints allow you to understand what your customers are looking for in real-time, allowing you to remove the guesswork from product and messaging decisions. Comprehensive profiles powered by these external signals give you the capability to drive personalized experiences like never before.

Powerful Segmentation

Enable tailored experiences

Segment and target users by onsite event trigger, external behaviors, demographics and user interests.

Extensive Output Channels

Reach out through the most effective channel

Engage across mobile app-push notifications, in-app messages, browser-push, SMS, email, messengers and more channels.

Creative Studio

Leverage unique formats and creatives

AIQUA supports multiple channels and provides unique formats and templates that you can leverage easily. The intuitive UI and creative studio enable you to create notifications using powerful templates for rich media like .gif, videos, carousels easily and quickly. Moreover, features like email studio allow you to create highly visual communication with ease.

Self-serve and Easy to Configure

Get started in a snap

Easy SDK and API integration means that you can be up and running in a few hours. Additionally, you can start execution instantly thanks to an intuitive UI.

Advanced Personalization

AI to drive personalization and user experience

AIQUA is built on state of the art deep learning models that help you create personalized experiences for your audience.

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