Proactive Customer Engagement Platform

AIQUA is a proactive customer engagement platform that enables you to engage your audience based on their behavior inside and outside of your app or web environment. It helps you leverage AI to increase conversions on marketing owned channels.

Step 1

Identify the right audience

AIQUA unifies data from your app and website, and combines it with data from external digital footprints and cross-device behaviors.

You can segment audiences based on:
- Topics of interest
- Customer events

Step 2

Define your campaign

Select an appropriate channel from a wide range of options including app push, web push, content personalization, email and messaging platforms.

After selecting the channel:
- Set the schedule and triggers
- Create your message in unique formats

Step 3

Track campaign performance and reporting

- Measure and track all key metrics
- Download detailed reports easily for analysis
- Integrate with Google Analytics

Onboarding and Support

Data science and AI experts to help you get started

AIQUA customers can rely on a team comprising of subject matter experts for integration, onboarding and product support.

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