AIQUA is a customer engagement platform
that helps you leverage AI to increase conversions
across devices on marketing owned channels.

Drive higher engagement across all devices on all marketing owned channels

  • Improve Conversions Engage first time visitors

    Understand and address your audience’s unique requirements the moment they land on your website

  • Increase Share of Wallet

    Recommend products that your customers are looking for outside of your app and website

  • Improve conversions

    Re-engage customers across a wide variety of channels and formats

Select Features Of

  • Understand Your Customers Using AI

    Leverage AI to pre-emptively understand your audiences’ interests shown outside of your app and website

  • Map Users Across Devices

    Appier's cross screen database maps your users across devices and helps you select the best channel to reach your audience

  • Advanced Personalization

    Engage across mobile app-push notifications, in-app messages, browser-push, SMS, email, messengers and more channels

Success Stories

Address Cart Abandonment With Dynamic Personalization

Challenge Clovia, India’s leading lingerie and nightwear brand, was struggling with cart abandonment and poor visibility of push notifications
Result Clovia successfully increased the app and web checkout rates by 17% and 22% respectively. It also observed an increase of 44% in click-through rates for app notifications and an increase of 32% in cart additions
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