Data Science Platform

AIXON is a data science platform that unifies and enriches existing customer data to help you better understand your audience and run AI models easily to predict their future actions.

Data Unification and Enrichment

Streamline your data from different sources

AIXON helps you create a 360-degree holistic view of your audience by unifying data from different sources like apps, websites and CRM. It further enriches existing information with external data and insights generated by AI models about your audience's online behavior.

Proven AI Models

Leverage state of the art AI models to generate insights

AIXON lets you take advantage of AI models or build your own to generate powerful predictions within minutes. The platform enables you to create segments based on user interests, find similar audiences, compare audiences and predict future actions such as conversions.

Uncover User Interests

Know what your customers are looking for

By understanding your user's interests, you can better position products and run effective marketing campaigns. Imagine if you could get insights on what should your product focus on or what should be its core messaging? Using AIXON you can easily gauge what is popular and what is unique amongst your target audience, as compared to the standard population.

Predict Future Actions

Predict what’s next

After mapping interests and audiences, you can further filter the audience depending on their likelihood to take an action in future. For example, you can predict conversions, churn or even the likelihood of users visiting a certain webpage. This allows you to take timely action to improve business outcomes.

Put Insights to Action

Wide range of output capabilities allows you to export information easily

AIXON comes readily integrated with Appier's AI powered customer engagement platform AIQUA to help you make the most of owned media. For paid media, users can execute ad campaigns via Appier Ad Solutions or directly export data to networks like Facebook, Google Marketing Platform, Twitter and Line Messenger.

AIXON users can easily export insights as a CSV or JSON, or integrate with Data Management Platforms like Cxense, Treasure Data and Supership to continuously enrich existing information.

Fast and Easy to Use

Gain velocity and iterate easily

Slice and dice data quickly to experiment and gain optimum results. AIXON enables you to leverage powerful AI without creating organizational overhead.

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