AIXON is a data science platform that unifies and enriches existing customer
data to help you better understand your audience and run AI models easily to
predict their future actions.

Most organizations invest heavily in data collection, AIXON helps them make sense of it within minutes

  • Unify Your Data

    Unify business data from across apps, websites and CRM to build comprehensive user profiles

  • Enrich Existing Data

    AIXON enriches existing information with external data using AI so you can understand your customers' needs

  • Predict Future Actions

    Leverage AI to detect complex patterns that humans cannot. Deploy various AI models easily and quickly to uncover insights.

Select Features Of

  • Proven AI Models for Marketing

    AIXON enables marketing teams to leverage AI models that help analyze consumer data and make powerful predictions

  • Generate Insights Quickly

    Slice and dice easily to find existing and new audiences. Predict conversions using state of the art models

  • Self-serve and Easy to Use

    As a self-serve data science platform, AIXON helps you gain velocity and scalability without creating organisational overhead

Success Stories

Bridge the Gap to Reach Customers Across Screens Effortlessly

Challenge CommonWealth Magazine found challenging to build a unified customer view across screens, in order to power its marketing efforts
Result CommonWealth used AIXON to discover valuable readers it hadn’t been able to to reach in the past. Its campaigns exceeded the ROAS targets by 300%, while subscriptions and purchases increased by 404%
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