AIXON is a data science platform that unifies and enriches existing customer data to help you better understand your audience, and run AI models to easily predict their future action.
AIXON is a data science platform that unifies and enriches existing customer data to help you better understand your audience, and run AI models to easily predict their future action.
The Key Benefits of AIXON
Create a 360-View User Profile
Enrich profiles with internal and external insights to form a holistic view of users
Predict Customer Action at Your Fingertips
Use AI brains to find the best pattern for your marketing strategies within seconds
Generate Actionable Insights
Take action directly and easily with insights generated from AI brains to all channels
Data Science Platform
Data Science Platform
The Features of AIXON
Streamline Your Data From Different Sources
AIXON creates a 360-degree view of your audience by unifying data from different sources like apps, websites and CRM. Enrich your audience profiles by combining this data with users’ external digital footprint from Appier’s unique cross-screen database.
Leverage State-of-the-Art AI Models to Generate Insights
Take advantage of existing AI models or build your own to generate powerful predictions within minutes. The platform enables you to create segments based on user interests or personas, find lookalikes, compare audiences and predict future action such as conversions.
Know What Your Customers Are Looking For
AIXON enriches audience data with external interests collected from users’ digital footprint and their behavior along their purchasing journey outside your owned channels. Understand what is popular and unique among your target audience, allowing you to better position products and run effective marketing campaigns.
Predict Customers’ Future Action
After mapping interests and audiences, you can filter the audience depending on how likely they are to take an action in the future. For example, you can predict conversions, churn or even the likelihood of users visiting a certain webpage. This allows you to take timely and precise action to improve business outcomes.
Indicate User Activeness in Real-Time With RFM
Automatically identify your audience with a visualized dashboard in real time. Know how many loyal customers, hesitant buyers or potential churners you have at any time and take targeted action to keep users in the conversion funnel.
Achieve Seamless Customer Engagement
AIXON enables marketers to achieve seamless customer engagement. For owned media channels, AIXON can optimize engagements alongside AIQUA. For paid media channels, marketers can execute campaigns with AIXON’s segments to Appier Ad Solutions and networks like Facebook, Google and Twitter in real time.


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How It Works
Unify and Enrich Data
Unify different formats of information into a single data set and uncover hidden interests and patterns.
Leverage AI Brains
Generate audience insights and predictions by applying AI brains to work magic with your data.
Take Action
Export insights back to your database or execute customer engagement campaigns across multiple channels.
How It Works
Success Stories: Neogence
More than 1,500 leading brands partner with us to grow their business
Neogence wanted to find more high-quality customers, increase the website retention rate, and optimize cost per click.
Neogence used AIXON to unify first- and third-party data, and identify two best-performing lookalike audience segments for effective retargeting.
It successfully reached high-quality new customers, and saw a 14% increase in ROI, an 87% jump in the website retention rate, and a 11% drop in CPC.
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