Brand story

Founded over 100 years ago, Audi is a German automobile manufacturer renowned for its luxury automobiles and its contributions to the fields of car manufacturing, engine production and motor racing.


Audi wanted to engage affluent consumers who were likely to be interested in the Audi A4 Sustain across devices, and to spur them to sign up for a test drive. They sought to generate as many test drive leads as possible, while optimizing the cost per lead.


Audi worked with Appier to implement an enhanced buying feature to deliver more ad exposures, and to increase its reach within groups of high-value users selected by CrossX AI – those over the age of 30 and those who had previously browsed information about luxury automobiles such as Audi, BMW, M-Benz and Lexus.

Appier applied CrossX AI to identify all the devices owned by Audi’s target audience and used CrossX Frequency Capping to distribute more ad exposures to the devices most likely to be used by users to sign up for the test drive.


Cross-screen click-through rate proved 34% higher than single-screen. The conversion rate on Audi’s campaign site was 23%-48% higher among cross-screen users identified by CrossX AI than among single-screen users identified by other means.

Audi observed that cross-screen users were more likely to click on the ad via smartphone after first viewing the ad on PC or tablet, compared to users who viewed the ad on smartphone alone.

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