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Clovia, one of the fastest-growing lingerie and nightwear brands in India, is committed to being women’s one-stop shopping destination for all their lingerie needs. As part of a global fund with operations across continents, Clovia creates and manufactures its own range of fashion lingerie using high-quality fabrics sourced internationally.


Clovia, like many e-commerce companies, was struggling with cart abandonment. In order to re-engage customers who had added products to their carts without buying, Clovia tried to employ push notifications but were unsuccessful. They wanted to address the problems of cart abandonment and poor visibility of notifications. While doing so, Clovia also wanted to minimize manual intervention and automate the entire process related to web and app notifications. The key challenges that Clovia was facing included:

  • Cart abandonment
  • Low app notification engagement
  • The manual process


In order to address cart abandonment, Clovia turned to AIQUA, Appier’s proactive marketing automation platform, for its dynamic personalization, carousel notifications and automated triggers.

By using AIQUA, Clovia was able to set an automated trigger for all users who abandoned their carts. A user who saved products in the cart without buying would receive a highly visual notification about the products. The notification, along with beautiful pictures of the products, also included information about the prices and features. By engaging with the carousel link, users would be taken directly to the cart page inside the app.

Clovia was able to scale this dynamic personalization by just setting a few rules within AIQUA. Each time a user abandoned the cart, she would receive an interactive notification without any manual intervention from Clovia’s digital teams. It was also able to use AIQUA to create daily engagement campaigns to reach out to existing users with product offers and promotions.


By taking advantage of AIQUA, Clovia was able to increased the app and web checkout rates by 17% and 22% respectively. The cart abandonment notifications also reduced the overheads for the marketing teams who used to manually create campaigns every few days. The company also observed an increase of 44% in click-through rates for app notifications and an increase of 32% in cart additions.

“Browser notifications work very well when the content in dynamically personalized. We like the way the entire system works by itself, fully optimized to meet our goals,” says Rajeshwar Rao, Head of Digital Marketing at Clovia. “Personalized cart drop-off campaigns have helped us scale conversions significantly.”

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