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Named the most influential magazine in Taiwan by The New York Times, CommonWealth Magazine is a pioneer of economic news media, covering a range of topics including finance, politics, business, culture and education. It offers both print and digital experience for its readers.


CommonWealth aimed to find, increase, and understand valuable users in an effective way. It wanted to create a unified customer view and gain insights into users it reached in the past from various data sources. Hence it could leverage the insights to boost subscriptions, increase online sales, and optimize future promotions to generate leads.


CommonWealth turned to AIXON, Appier’s Data Science Platform, for help.

Step 1: Uploaded online data sourced from its news website and online store, and offline CRM data altogether to AIXON.

Step 2: Applied AIXON’s different AI models to predict and segment online users who were most likely to subscribe, and also to find lookalike users that fit specific patterns defined by CommonWealth Magazine.

Step 3: Exported the audience discovered by AIXON and engaged them across channels for future campaigns, including external online campaigns, social media and internal media owned by CommonWealth Magazine.


CommonWealth discovered valuable readers it hadn’t been able to to reach in the past.

For every dollar it spent reaching audiences identified by AIXON, CommonWealth generated 12.2x worth of revenue (ROAS).

These campaigns exceeded the ROAS targets set by CommonWealth by 300%.

Subscriptions and purchases increased by 404%, compared to KPIs.

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