Golf Digest Online

Brand story

Golf Digest Online (GDO) is one of the largest online golf shops in Japan, offering top brand golf equipment, apparel and accessories.


GDO tried to drive sales by offering incentives through email and other customer service tools, but the results were flat as its segmentation and targeting was based on the experience and knowledge of its marketing team, rather than data analytics.  

The brand also tried to entice the customers who made their first purchase to sign up for its membership through coupons, but it didn’t meet the target.


GDO leveraged Appier’s AI-powered tool, AiDeal, to track and measure user mouse movements. AiDeal uses machine learning to analyze user data, and the insight enabled GDO to adjust its operation PDCA (plan–do–check–act) quickly and target new customers using a coupon that could be used within 60 minutes to receive free delivery. It also divided the target audience into two groups and ran an A/B testing to measure the conversion rates of one group that was given the coupon and the other without. 


The number of customers who made new purchases increased by 19% compared to before the implementation of AiDeal. The result of the A/B testing showed that the conversion rate of the group with the coupon increased by 50% to 100%, compared to the one without it.

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