Minute Maid

Brand story

Owned by its parent company Coca Cola, Minute Maid offers more than 100 different fruit juices for global consumers.


Minute Maid wanted to reach potential consumers who were likely to purchase its products through an online lottery game that was designed to spur them to submit a product code printed on the bottle. The brand sought to drive as many leads as possible while optimizing the cost per lead (CPL).


Minute Maid worked with Appier to identify all the devices owned by the same user and expand the reach of similar audiences by using CrossX Lookalike.

To increase its reach among specific groups of users interested in Minute Maid, the brand applied an enhanced buying feature to target the audience selected by Appier AI, and delivered more ad exposures to them, especially those who had browsed information about the game and visited the Minute Maid campaign site.

Finally, Minute Maid remarketed to players who had participated in the activity across screens.


The cross-screen click-through rate was 72% higher than single-screen; and the cross-screen conversion rate was 57% higher than single-screen.

The average player submitted information three times for this online promotion, which was 38% higher than last year’s online activity.

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