Brand story

Neogence, a famous dermatology brand in Taiwan, is known for its skincare masks and hyaluronic acid products.


While the official website has been Neogence’s main digital channel, the brand also leverages Google and Facebook for new customer acquisition. However, the ad cost on these platforms has been increasing due to the intensified competition among brands. In addition, marketers have limited knowledge of consumer behavior, making it even more difficult to find and reach ideal audience segments.

Aiming to win the Singles’ Day Sales in November 2018, Neogence needed to improve its overall marketing performance by finding more high-quality customers and driving the traffic to the official website. It also wanted to increase the website retention rate* while optimizing cost per click.


Neogence partnered with Appier to develop a marketing strategy for 2018 Singles Day Sales, and it was carried out in three stages:

  1. Pre-Singles Day: User acquisition. Expand the top funnel to bring in more high-quality customers
  2. The week of Singles Day: Remarketing. Cross-screen remarketing to existing customers to trigger potential demand
  3. Post-Singles Day: Re-engage cart abandoners, while bringing in more quality traffic

Neogence leveraged Appier’s AIXON data science platform to unify data from its own channels including app, website, CRM, etc, and then map devices and their owners to generate a holistic view of Neogence’s existing customers for effective remarketing.

The brand was also able to enrich its existing data with external data from Appier CrossX database, which allowed AIXON to identify new users with similar behavior and to develop two best-performing lookalike audience segments: one for those who purchased products on the Neogence website in the past eight weeks, and the other for those who browsed Neogence’s webpages for limited offers. Neogence could then target them with relevant products.


By leveraging AIXON, Neogence successfully reached high-quality new customers, enhanced brand awareness and optimized CPC. It saw a 14% increase in ROI, an 87% jump in the website retention rate, and a 11% drop in CPC.


Website Retention Rate: Share of users who browse two pages or more in a single visit

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