Otsuka Kagu

Brand story

Otsuka Kagu is a leading Japanese furniture retailer that has showrooms with a large selection of overseas and domestic products, such as furniture, lighting, curtains, carpets and interior accessories across the country.


Otsuka Kagu announced a new brand vision in 2015. At the same time, it started to focus on online marketing programs to gain insight into user behavior across screens. It joined hands with Appier to drive brand awareness, especially among new users. It also wanted to drive foot traffic to its showrooms in Japan.


Otsuka Kagu worked with Appier to apply CrossX AI to expand its reach among new users across all screens, in order to boost foot traffic to its showrooms.

It used the Appier CrossX Programmatic Platform to buy this cross-screen audience. This allowed Otsuka Kagu to put its customers at the center of its campaign automatically by tailoring and optimizing the ad creative to each user’s unique cross-screen behavior and browsing history.

Meanwhile, Appier also analyzed the users who demonstrated interests in Otsuka Kagu, extracting cross-screen campaign insights for future use.


Cross-screen performance was 55% higher than single-screen, as measured by click-through rate (CTR).

The CTR among users with PC and phone was more than double that of other cross-screen user groups.

Otsuka Kagu discovered a new audience segment that was previously impossible to reach with traditional retargeting advertising.

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