Brand story

Tokopedia, considered a unicorn company, is one of Indonesia’s biggest online marketplaces, with gross merchandise value hitting hundreds of millions of dollars per month. Tokopedia allows both individuals and business owners in Indonesia to open and manage their own online stores for free.


Tokopedia wanted to retain its loyal customers while identifying prospective consumers who were likely to shop online, to achieve the next level of growth. It aimed to use advanced programmatic solutions to reach Indonesia’s hyper-mobile consumers across every device they owned, and to increase both the volume and quality of transactions (as measured by cost per action).


Tokopedia turned to Appier’s CrossX Programmatic Platform, and worked in two distinct phases. First, Tokopedia used CrossX App Installs to boost the number of downloads of its app. Then, it used CrossX Remarketing to remarket and re-engage users who had already visited the Tokopedia website and downloaded the app.

Meanwhile, Appier’s AI algorithms analyzed user behaviors over the course of a campaign, automatically adjusting to account for evolving customer behavior. For example, during the campaign lasting over six months, the AI evaluated more recent behaviors and products to target users who have demonstrated a higher likelihood to purchase via Tokopedia.

To build trust among its target audience, Tokopedia delivered ads with messages emphasizing safe shipping and high-quality products.

Tokopedia also took advantage of Appier’s Dynamic Creative ad format, tailoring product recommendations and ad creative to each user’s unique cross-screen behavior and purchase journey.


Tokopedia increased the total number of transactions by 202%; transactions per customer increased up to 27%; and it boosted revenue up to 179% month over month.

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