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ZEE5 India is the digital entertainment destination launched by Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited (ZEE), a global Media and Entertainment powerhouse. It is India’s fastest growing ConTech brand with content available across 12 languages including English, Hindi, Bengali, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Marathi, Oriya, Bhojpuri, Gujarati and Punjabi.

ZEE5 is home to 1.25 lakh hours of On Demand Content and more than 80 live TV channels. The platform brings together the best of Originals, Indian and International Movies and TV Shows, Music, Kids content, Cineplays, Live TV and Health and Lifestyle content all in one single destination. ZEE5 offers ground-breaking features like 11 navigational languages, content download options, seamless video playback and Voice Search.


ZEE5 India has had exponential growth since its launch in 2018, now serving more than 11.4 million peak daily users as of Dec 2019. It continues to focus on attracting and retaining customers. As the audience has grown and their interests have become significantly diverse, ZEE5 India wants to understand audiences at an individual level so it can hyper-personalize the most relevant and preferred content at the time they are most likely to consume it.

This involves leveraging viewer data as effectively as possible to understand where people are in the customer lifecycle and their content consumption behavior. With these insights, ZEE5 India can define and deploy a strategic mix of communication channels, content and consumption time to ensure high acquisition, consumption and retention rates.


ZEE5 India is serving 11.4 million peak daily users spread across 12 languages, and content categories including movies, web series, original shows, TV shows, short videos and news. This wealth of content coupled with the varied demographic spread of India and more than 30 OTT players means that providers are wrestling to get time and attention from users.


ZEE5 India implemented AIQUA, an AI-powered proactive customer engagement solution that allows marketers to drive engagement across all devices and all channels.

Appier helped ZEE5 India streamline data sources and align AIQUA’s features to ensure thoughtful and relevant customer engagement.

Following significant events on the ZEE5 India platform including the release of two blockbuster films, ZEE5 India began running critical engagement campaigns with a focus on critical moments in the customer lifecycle journey.


Appier and ZEE5 India started with a renewal campaign for lapsed subscribers and a cart abandonment campaign for people already in the subscription process.

With AIQUA, ZEE5 India has increased the number of specific customer segments by 10 times – from just a few hundred to thousands.

The ZEE5 India team can also create, edit and launch campaigns at any time through the Appier mobile site, allowing them to quickly develop and adjust campaigns to meet viewers’ specific needs.

ZEE5 India has increased the number of campaigns it runs through AIQUA by 2000% since March 2019, running several hundred campaigns daily.

Overall, ZEE5 India has significantly improved its customer engagement, including a 3x jump in click-through rates and video sampling through effective use of AI to uncover critical insights into its viewers.

Client Testimonials

“At ZEE5 India, we are committed to excellence when it comes to both our product and customer service, and we are always looking for partners who can use technology as the disruptor to help us achieve this,” said Vani Dixit, Head of Customer Lifecycle Management, ZEE5 India. “To engage with and stay relevant to our customers, we need to leverage data efficiently using AI to better understand and reach them at times when they are most likely to take action. Along with Appier we reimagined how we make consumers’ content viewing experience hyper-personalized. As India’s largest producer of original content, it is our endeavor to make the consumer’s journey on to the ZEE5 platform intuitive and provide them with a seamless content viewing experience.”


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