Bill, marketing manager at an international bank, wants to acquire more new customers who are most likely to apply for credit cards.

Quality users

Apart from retargeting visitors to his own website, Bill also uses AI to analyze user behavior patterns on external websites, such as who have browsed content containing “applying credit card with cash rewards and movie ticket discounts”, and to identify who are most likely to convert.

Bill then sends them cross-screen ads at the right time and to successfully receive their details for card applications.

Increase revenue

Facebook is one of the digital channels Bill uses to drive leads. However, due to its limited user segments, Bill wants to leverage AI for more precise user segmentation to target existing customers who are interested in other two or three types of credit cards, and are most likely to sign up.

With the right AI tool, Bill successfully upsells the second credit card to the existing customer via paid media.


Bill hopes to convert bank customers into credit card users through both owned and paid media. He first sets up trigger campaigns via email in an AI-powered customer engagement platform, which automatically sends EDMs to the target audience with relevant credit card offers, shortening the conversion time.

Bill then delivers ads to the ones who don’t react to the trigger campaigns, hence optimizing his marketing budget.

AI enables Bill to engage consumers at different stages of their life cycle seamlessly, and optimize both paid and owned channels for higher ROI.

What's more? Audience intelligence

AI allows Bill to identify customers interested in buying financial products and create personalized messaging based on their online interests.

These insights also enable the sales teams to increase effectiveness and efficiency during customer engagement, whether that is through phone, email or in person.