Elle, head of marketing at a global FMCG company, wants to expand the customer base for its baby products, and increase share of wallet of its existing customers.

Quality users

Elle leverages AI to discover the types of potential consumer behavior that are most likely to convert: having visited the mommy blog on the company’s website five times in the past month; having browsed articles containing keywords like “diaper” and “feeding bottle” on external websites in the past week; and being a fashion lover.

The above insight allows Elle to deliver cross-screen ads to those consumers at the right time and successfully gain new member registrations.

Increase revenue

Facebook is one of the digital channels that Elle uses to drive purchases, but due to its limited user segments, Elle turns to AI-driven segmentation to target Facebook users who have purchased diapers once on the official website in the past five days, or have added a baby balance bike to their shopping cart in the app in the last 10 days.

She then delivers personalized campaigns to entice customers to purchase via paid media.


Elle leverages AI-powered product recommendations through the right channel at the right time to increase repeat customers. For example, she sends web and app push notifications to recommend feeding bottles to customers who have bought infant milk; or recommends three types of cooling baby bodysuits to customers who have browsed short sleeve baby bodysuits.

Elle also sends trigger campaigns to remind customers to repurchase infant milk along with other relevant products based on their behavior and interest.

With the help of AI, Elle successfully reaches online customers via owned media before delivering ads to those who don’t react to EDM or push notification campaigns, retains existing customers, optimizes marketing budget and increases ROI.

AI enables Elle to engage consumers at different stages of their life cycle seamlessly, and optimize both paid and owned channels for higher ROI.

Audience intelligence

By using AI to discover potential customer’s interest on the external websites and predict their future actions, Elle is able to develop relevant messaging to expand the customer base and improve the quality of product recommendations to drive more purchases.