Gary, senior marketing executive for a gaming app, not only wants to acquire new, high-value users, but also needs to re-engage inactive users for customer retention and higher ROI.

Quality users

As traditional tools can’t prevent evolving ad frauds, Gary turns to AI to reach authentic, high-value players who have read articles containing keywords like “level-up weapon” and “RPG recommendations” in the past two days.

He sends them cross-screen ads at the right time to drive quality app installs, reaching monthly KPIs while lowering CPI.

Increase revenue

AI enables Gary to identify inactive players who are most likely to re-engage again, such as those who have opened the app 10 times with one in-app purchase before abandoning the app, or read RPG reviews once a day. He also wants to reach active players who have opened the app 30 days in a row without any purchase.

Using AI he discovers what makes inactive players tick and what stops active ones from purchasing (e.g. the high cost of weapons), and then delivers personalized ads aligned with their interests to increase the ARPU.


Retaining high-quality players is key to a greater ROI. AI helps Gary discover that inactive players stop using the app because they couldn’t level up. So, he leverages app push or EDM to deliver gaming strategy. For instance, players who show inactivity for one day would receive a push notification with a video tutorial teaching how to level up.

With the help of AI, Gary is able to reach players via owned media before delivering ads to the ones who don’t react to EDM or push notification campaigns, hence optimizing his marketing budget.

AI enables Gary to engage consumers at different stages of their life cycle seamlessly, and optimize both paid and owned channels for higher ROI.

What's more? Audience intelligence

Gary leverages AI to expand the audience base for one of the company’s niche games by uncovering insights about existing players. He takes a deep-dive into what is unique and popular among the player community and applies it to his marketing messages.