When you visit some websites, website owners might track product you browsed so that they can reuse those info in
advertising campaign, showing products that you might be interested.

How and what data are used in Appier remarketing technology

Appier collects anonymous info, including cookie data, IP address, your browsing activities on partner site, such
as browsed product category, browsing day and time, visiting frequency. Appier uses these data to optimize advertisement,
only showing your interested products to you.

Appier doesn’t collect personal information such as name, address, birthday, email…etc.

How to stop seeing these ads?

If you don’t want appier to show any remarketing advertisement to you, you can opt out by

PC Web / Mobile Web users:

Click link and opt out remarketing advertisement.

iPhone users:

Go to Settings > Privacy > Advertising -> “Limit Ad Tracking”

Limit Ad Tracking

Android users:

Go to Settings > Google settings> Ads >Opt out of interest-based ads

Limit Ad Tracking

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